• Preventive medicine is the future of medicine.

    We help healthcare providers identify and intervene with high risk patients.

  • Adverse Drug Reaction

    #4 Cause of Death in the U.S 

    source: FDA

    Annual cost of $136Bn

    Source: FDA

  • Our Mission

    Keep patients away from hospitals, and safe from hospital acquired conditions

    Helping clinicians keep patients safe

    Lowering ADR inside Healthcare providers facility

    Between 5%-10% of hospitalized patients have an ADR during their hospitalization, an adverse event that increases risk, increases length of stay, and denies reimbursement from payers for additional hospitalization days and procedures.

    These Adverse Drug Reactions can be prevented.

    Helping ACO's, HMO's and payers to reduce preventable ER visits and hospitalization.

    Lowering ADR among the population with emphasis on the Elderly

    Between 15%-30% of all 65+ years old patients ER visits are due to an ADR. These visits are often accompanied by hospitalization.

    These Adverse Drug Reactions are preventable.

  • What We Do

    Advanced Science

    Multi disciplinary science

    Our technology is based on medical research and advanced data science, a powerful combination that yields better prediction results by analyzing Electronic Medical Records and derivatives of electronic Medical Records to get optimal approximation to a prediction of a high risk ADR that can lead to hospitalization or readmission.

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