• About us

    About our motivation, about the problem, and how to fix it.

    Why is ADR a problem?

    Founded in 2016, mydimed founders started the company after they recognized that their elderly parents are treated with multiple drugs for chronic care, and that Adverse Drug Reactions is a growing problem, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and generating cost of hundreds of billions of dollars spent on treatment of ADR annually.

    Many systematic researches found that up to 70% of ADR's are preventable, but predictive methods used until today could not reach a usable, clinical grade solution that will generate alerts with a predictive value clinicians can trust.
    There are 3 factors that contribute for the ongoing rise of ADR's:

    a. The ageing of the population. We all live longer.

    b. Rise of Poly-pharmacy patients. people who are treated with several drugs on daily basis for chronic treatment.

    c. Increase of prescription drug usage at a younger age.

    These 3 factors combined contribute to a year by year sharp growth of Adverse Drug events, both in and outside hospitals.

    Who we are?

    In order to tackle a problem with a complexity that involves knowledge in the medical field, expertise in the field of predictive analytics (which also includes machine learning and algorithms development), software engineering and integration to Legacy EMR systems, and business knowledge of the healthcare system, reimbursement, incentives and regulation, we had to create an ensemble of top professionals, each a leader in their field, that will work together to create products and solution with a real market fit, valid business model, and with distinct scientific innovation. We then gathered a team of practicing Physicians, Pharmacologists, Data Scientists, Algorithms developers, Healthcare business leaders and software engineers to build our tools that can reduce mortality, morbidity and cost of ADR.


    We are very excited about this Journey!