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How to help aging parents manage their medications

monitoring and checking for interactions can improve your parents lives.

Many people from generation X have parents who are taking more than 3 medications on regular basis. They listen to their doctor, and take what the doctor have prescribed. what they don't know is that drug interactions appear to a certain percentage of the population, and when they are prescribed a drug, chances that it may or may not cause any side effects when interacting with other drugs.

Drugs may also interact with diseases and food, and the doctor is not always aware to other diseases patients have, as they don't necessarily report them.

So, what is the best way to help our aging parents to manage their medication?

1. Listen to what they complain about.

To find out if a symptom can be a side effect, we first need to know what the symptoms are. many symptoms that are known drug side effects are not perceived as such, but rather associated with age, weather, nutrition etc.

If your parents are taking multiple drugs, they are treating a medical condition.

These medical condition can be the cause of some of the symptoms, and may also interact with other drugs.

Make a list of medical condition and diseases, and the symptoms your parents suffer from.

2. Medications and OTC list.
List all the medications your parents are taking, mark which one they take and which ones they don't, or use lower dosage than prescribed.
To this list, add over the counter drugs and supplements that are bought in pharmacies without a prescription. these OTC's have various interactions with prescription drugs, and doctors are often unaware of their usage by patients.

3. Check for possible drug interactions.

Once you make a list of prescription and over the counter drugs, and a list of diseases and symptoms, you can use a drug interaction checker to see if they appear as drug interaction side effects, and eliminate the ones that do not appear.

mydimed drug interaction checker is the only interaction checker that looks at drug - disease interactions, and analyzes adverse drug reactions based on the symptoms entered.

We wish you and your family good health!

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