• Technology

    Applying predictive algorithms from millions of patients, ongoing clinical studies in 3 continents.

    Predictive Algorithms

    Constantly improving

    Predictive algorithms that detect specific Adverse Events are tested on millions of patients records. Our predictive algorithms are calibrated and optimized with every new record they analyze.

    Machine learning

    The enabler of Predictive analytics.

    One of the enablers of our breakthrough technology is the new era of machine learning. ML and pattern recognition are crucial for recognizing clusters of variables responsible for an Adverse Drug Event. If previous studies indicated that Poly-pharmacy is a predictor for an Adverse Event, using machine learning, mydimed's technology can learn which poly-pharmacy clusters are involved in which Adverse events. This is a real breakthrough in investigating ADR's.

    HCP Grade solution

    A solution providers can count on.

    Rule based flagging systems used by Healthcare Providers are notorious for creating alert fatigue and having low sensitivity and acceptance rate. Our predictive algorithms are constantly learning from retrospective and real life evidence, and offer providers a Tier 1 system that alerts only when high risk is detected.